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Remarkable Websites Running on WordPress

WordPress is an open source and free content management system available online. Because of this many people consider WordPress as a tool for hobbyists or bloggers to work on and not a serious business option. But the fact of the matter is that about 25% of entire internet runs on WordPress. Certainly a quarter of the internet does not only present fringe bloggers and people chronicling personal adventures. WordPress is a force to be reckoned with online as many renowned brands, global celebrities and tech companies use it. Here are a few examples:

1. Bata Shoe Company

Bata Shoe Company is global shoe company that serves diverse geographical and racial boundaries. It has created a reputation of providing quality shoes that are popular with many demographics. Bata has a very visually appealing website that runs on WordPress. The website is detailed and contains pictures of products available on stock and a short description of each product. The fact that an organization like Bata chooses WordPress as its gateway to online world establishes WordPress as a credible business solution.

2. Ford Social

Ford is an established car manufacturer that has many potential consumers both locally in the United States and globally. The Ford social website is an interactive interface that opens a channel of communication between the company and potential consumers. The Ford Social website is professionally designed with elaborate features that make it easy for a reader to navigate and access required information. For an organization such as Ford to choose WordPress as an online platform, shows its credibility.

3. Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks are a very successful National Basketball Association (NBA) team. The Dallas Mavericks website runs on WordPress and its website is quite impressive and elaborate. Arguably if billionaire Mark Cuban can choose an open source free platform for his business then there must be a unique purpose that WordPress serves. The Website has all the information that basketball enthusiasts would want ranging from the profile of the players and the technical bench to match fixtures.