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What’s the Right Way to Use Alt Tags?

Alt tags are an important part of your on-page SEO, and if you want to get the most out of your pictures and your page then you need to know the most common alt tag mistakes to avoid, as well as the right way to creative positive SEO-friendly alt tags to properly optimize your photos for SEO. The key here is understanding just what exactly an alt tag is and how the search engine spiders read them.

First of all, a picture name and the alt tag are not the same thing. While you definitely want to name the picture file something that has a keyword or SEO value of some kind, that’s still not the same thing as an alt tag. The alt tag has the specific task of briefly, concisely, and succulently describing the content of the picture for image searches, as well as helping to confirm the keywords for that page.

Alt tags should be seen as a short description, only a few words. Not even a complete sentence, but even that brief description should contain at least one keyword or a simple description that shows exactly what’s happening in that one specific picture.

These tags are what get read by the search engine spiders. So why not put in multiple keywords? Because this would be seen as a blatant form of keyword stuffing and falls under spamming under Google’s eyes. Besides, a picture isn’t going to show 50 keywords, it’s going to show a scene and the alt tag is all about describing that scene for the search engines. Use alt tags right, and the SEO boost is just a bonus.