3 WordPress Mistakes You Might be Making

It is extremely easy to get started with WordPress but there are some things that you learn with time. If you are new to the platform then you might be making one of these common mistakes:

1. Writing using Microsoft Word

It is always recommended to use the built-in WordPress editor for posting articles. This is because, sometimes when you try to copy-paste something from the MS Word to the WordPress platform, certain letters or symbols might be displayed as weird characters. Besides, WordPress editors have auto-saving feature and an option to restore to the earlier version as per your convenience. If for some reason you still want to use Microsoft Word, make sure you paste the text in the text tab of the editor. That way, the extra information won’t get inserted into the post.

2. Ignoring image optimization

Optimizing the images increases the website loading speed and enhance the general performance of your site. So try using images optimized for the web. Using HD images while publishing an article on your site can adversely affect your site speed. Photoshop has a special feature that allows you to compress and optimize images for the web. If you want to automate the optimization process, try using WP Smush. It is an excellent plugin that optimizes every image as soon as it is uploaded.

3. Facing the White Screen of Death

This is somewhat similar to the Blue screen of death in the case of Microsoft OS. You might face this issue while installing a theme or plugin that exhausts the memory limit of your site. You can fix this issue by increasing the memory limit. The white screen can also be caused by a fatal PHP error, in which case you should set the WP_DEBUG flag to true in your wp-config.php file. This will tell you exactly which plugin is causing the problem. Once you have this information you can delete the plugin using FTP or cPanel.

If you want your website to be successful then make sure you avoid these.