Pros and Cons of StumbleUpon Advertising

Stumble Upon is an amazing website that gives you a chance to explore new and interesting content from different websites. Its voting system quite similar to other social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit. With sufficient votes your webpage can go viral and get thousands of direct visitors.

If you want to get cheap traffic then StumbleUpon Paid Discovery can help you. It is one of the most popular advertising programs on the internet. Following are some of its pros and cons:


  • As compared to other advertising platforms StumbleUpon is very cheap. The lowest price is $0.05 per visitor. In other words you can get a 1000 visitors for just $50.
  • There is no such thing as click through rate. Every visitor lands directly on your website.
  • If your content is interesting it might get up votes and additional visitors for free. In many cases the advertiser ends up getting a lot more traffic than he paid for.
  • For maximum performance you can target people on the basis of interests, location and demographics.
  • You can easily integrate the system with your Google Analytics account to monitor and optimize the performance of your campaign.


  • This advertising system only works well with certain types of content. If you are promoting a product or service you might not get the expected results.
  • If your content is not interesting enough, most people will go away in the first few seconds and your bounce rate will increase considerably.

If you are thinking about starting an advertising campaign on Stumble Upon then you need to be very careful. Try to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before putting your hard earned money on the line. It might be a good idea to run a test campaign first and proceed on the basis of its results.

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